SkyCore Virtual Airlines - Continuing a legacy...

SkyCore Virtual is a virtual airline taking virtual passengers all over the world! Over at SkyCore we always want to get the best out of our pilots, and that is why we are always working together as a team. We are continuing the legacy of the old, now retired MaldAir Virtual Airline. We are a virtual airline who's aim is to grow and take over the virtual airline industry - just like our older sister, who had just under 10,000 members.

Software used by SkyCore Virtual Airlines:
Flight Simulator X
FSX Steam Edition

Programs used by SkyCore Virtual Airlines:
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Flight tracker used by SkyCore Virtual Airlines:
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Virtual Airline CEO interview
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Votes this month: 2
Current position: 22

Flight Simulator X
FSX Steam Edition

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Comments to this virtual airline
  • Alex Phipps
    It was sad to see MaldAir go, although SkyCore is still in its early stages of life, with more work and development it can become what it’s sister once was.

    2020-01-02 17:02:43

  • Fabian Tengg
    Awesome VA, helpful and friendly community. 10/10 will fly again.

    2019-12-01 18:52:41

  • Joshua Marshall
    Great VA, great staff, Friendly group of like minded pilots that are eager to help assist new members.

    2019-09-14 15:00:57

  • Brian Mason
    Well done Skycore VA. You now have the support of Channel Express Virtual. Lets try to get you to Number 1..

    2019-08-03 19:53:08

  • joshua r
    Best VA

    2019-07-20 11:30:27

  • Ian Bazeley
    Sad to see Maldair close like it did but SkyCore have taken over and are doing a great job, I can see lots of exciting features happening in the future - Keep up the good work

    2019-07-18 14:37:06

  • Ben Lewis
    Amazing airline, Hard work from all members/staff after collapse of Maldair. Great big community! Great to be a part of :)

    2019-07-16 17:56:32