EasternHops VA - One Big family where having fun is number one!

Our Mission is to provide an enjoyable and sociable flying environment while increasing our aircraft fleet and routes to global capacity. We offer a variety of flying events and server set theme days along with great Pilots who are willing to help in any aspect regarding flight simming. So come join the fun and join us today.

This Virtual Airline flies with: helicopters, single engine light planes, twin engine light planes, turbo prop planes, private jets, line passenger planes, cargo planes.

Software used by EasternHops VA:
Flight Simulator X
FSX Steam Edition

Programs used by EasternHops VA:

Flight tracker used by EasternHops VA:
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Current position: 3
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Flight Simulator X
FSX Steam Edition
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Comments to this virtual airline
  • Sidney Verheggen
    very nice community, love flying with them or doing atc. The people are very helpful in teaching you how to fly, Strong reccomendation for any newbie! :)

    2019-03-31 19:02:49

  • Robert Higgins
    Very nice easy going club. I have initiated a few group flights with their members over the years and they are very receptive to participate. They are very welcoming and helpful to new members. I am a Commercial Senior Captain with 5800 hours of flying time recorded with them. .

    2019-02-10 11:38:08

  • Pedro Echo
    EAS-6060: Great VA. Always fly with good wingmans!

    2019-01-11 19:24:16

  • Michael d
    Really Good VA. Would recommend.

    2019-01-09 23:29:04

  • Tyler Hammer
    Great VA... EAS5697

    2018-12-03 05:00:51

  • Derek Curtis
    Great community, maintains realism at all times. Love doing ATC for this community

    2018-10-03 22:21:12

  • Martin Dubravsky
    Great VA totally recommend it the staff is very nice and there is a big community!

    2018-09-13 23:19:45

  • Robert David
    Hello Follow Pilots Robert aka Pizza founder/ceo of EasternHops I can assure you I do not ask people to do multiple emails accounts to make votes if I hear of anyone doing this they would be rejected from our community.

    2018-08-21 04:26:07

  • Tyler Black
    Very helpful community. Even have real life atc and pilots on our teamspeak ts3.easternhops.com

    2018-06-10 03:00:49

  • Emmanuel Losier
    Great, friendly, knowledgeable community!

    2017-10-08 18:36:12

  • Andy.G
    Best VA ;) EAS5099

    2017-02-12 04:23:07


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