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In 2006 The 747-737 training area was formed. A virtual airline (VA) a dedicated hobby organization that uses flight simulation to model the operations of an airline. Virtual airlines generally have a presence on the Internet, similar to a real airline. Many hundreds of virtual airlines of significance are currently active, with tens of thousands of participants involved at any one time. And in this mix of VA's we have started 2 others VA's after many years of experience we have come together to form our flag ship called - EASTERNATLANTIC VA.---established in 2009-- Image description Eastern Atlantic VA simulates real-world flight operations, flying its aircraft and routes in the virtual world of Flight Simulator X. Members of EasternAtlantic Virtual Airline freely choose flights which they then fly in Flight Simulator using realistic airline procedures. Flight hours and experience are automatically saved in the pilot's VAFS logbook and as flight hours accumulate, members consequently progress through the ranks. We hope you enjoy our website and choose to join our exciting community of flight simulator enthusiasts from all around the world. With EasternAtlantic VA the virtual pilot has the opportunity to experience all real world EasternAtlantic flight operations, simulate any flights, domestic and international, on any aircraft currently in the fleet. We offer you a routes and schedules database that is continuously updated to reflect actual EasternAtlantic flight operations, passenger flights, airports, countries, and aircrafts. You will be able to experience all major airplane concepts, Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, etc. and try them across the globe thanks to EasternAtlantic's route system. Freighter operations are simulated too. Virtual pilots can take their A380 out of the hangar and deliver goods around the world.. The world of flight simulation is as real as it gets, is waiting for you. Learn how to fly an aircraft in a real environment, share the adventure of flying with a huge community. All you need is Flight Simulator X, the wish to learn and a bit of time to study... Explore more than 20,000 airports all around the globe together with hundreds of pilots in nearly every country. Join in and become a member of EasternAtlantic VA. Our flight data is captured by VA Financials (www.vafinancials.com) and tracked here on our website. VA Financials provides a free client to track your flight progress and upload your PIREPs. The software is easy to install and has very low overhead on your computer. Upon joining (www.vafinancials.com), you will receive a Pilot ID and a link to the software. It's very easy to fly with us. Simply select a route from the VAFS client, start FSX, and fly your route. The VAFS client will record your flight and financial data and automatically upload the results upon landing (and parking). You will earn virtual cash and your hours will be logged. If you want to add some purpose behind all the hours you are logging on FSX, please consider joining us. @www.easternatlanticva.org Thank you for visiting our site. AL Zayas-EA10-President of EasternAlanticVA..

Software used by Eastern Atlantic VA:
Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X

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Flight tracker used by Eastern Atlantic VA:
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Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X

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