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Lynx Airways Worldwide is the second oldest virtual airline in the world opening our hangar doors on July 1, 1992. Since then, and as we continue today, Lynx Airways provides each Pilot with an unique experience which challenges their imagination. You as a Lynx Pilots can select from established flight schedules and virtually fly around the world with Passengers or Cargo. Or, hop into your favorite aircraft, climb to altitude and... well, just take a left. Lynx Airways Worldwide is a unique virtual airline; I would even suggest that Lynx Airways is one of a kind. Yes, we fly from here to there and everywhere: we also have a few Pilots on VATSIM. And yes, we are a structured virtual airline with Flight Schedules, promotions, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) all providing a real-life airline structure. Yet from the very beginning when Mr. Geoff Bergey created Lynx, his vision was to begin telling a story: the Lynx Story. It started on July 1, 1992 with Once upon a time there was a virtual airline named Lynx Airways Worldwide: the rest of the storywell, thats up to you, the Lynx Pilot. Today, the story continues and it's been filled over the past 20 years with PIREPS of adventure, crew dynamics, and personality. Each Pilot at Lynx Airways brings to the table their own story line in the form of a crew or a particular aircraft they enjoy flying or even themselves, as they are promoted through the ranks: what happened during the flight, how did your crew or passengers react, or what did you find when you flew into Madagascar: why are you flying to Antarctica? Our Mission is to provide every member of Lynx Airways Worldwide with an environment that allows for an enjoyable experience in virtual aviation. Come visit us at Take a tour of our unique Award winning WEB site then come into Headquarters to read our Pireps and everything else we have to offer. The Pilots at Lynx Airways Worldwide are quite the story tellers. It makes sense, as your imagination is where we virtually exist.

Software used by Lynx Airways Worldwide:
Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X

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Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X

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