About the Virtual Airline List
The Virtual Airline list started by Erik J. Ehrhardt in August 2010 with the aim to collect as many Virtual Airlines in one single online list. This would make it easy for pilots to find their prefered Virtual Airline and for Virtual Airlines being able to find more pilots based on their profile. This also contributes to the quality of the Virtual Airline since they would have to 'compete' with other Virtual Airlines and improve the quality where needed.

After five years of activity, Virtual Airline List ceased its functions due to internal problems. In July 2015 the italian virtual flying group named Italiani Volanti purchased the Va-List website and restarted the operations.

Voting on the Virtual Airline List
The voting was initially created to show the pilots looking for a new Virtual Airline if the Virtual Airline is active or not. Even if the Virtual Airline is on the bottom of the list with one or two votes, it would be considered an active Virtual Airline. It also adds a bit of competition among the Virtual Airlines. The Virtual Airline List does scan the votes to see if there is any cheating among the votes, these votes will be removed upon detection.

Find the right Virtual Airline
Even though that the top list is changing all the time and the most active Virtual Airlines will be on top, we do offer a good Search page where the potential Virtual Airline pilot can select the features of the desired Virtual Airline and get a clean result. The Virtual Airline list is not only about voting! It is about presenting every Virtual Airline the best way possible.