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Canada Air Virtual is a Canadian based virtual airline, founded on the principle we offer a professional and friendly community environment without a lot of rules and restrictions, giving our pilots the freedom to enjoy flying any aircraft, livery and route or charter flight at any time. Canada Air Virtual welcomes members of all skill levels. We support flights on both the VATSIM and IVAO Networks. We have our own Custom Flight Reporting System CAVacars. Fly any of our over 11,000 schedules, any of our over 130 airline partners schedules or fly unlimited charter flights. Over 60 active tours with new tours created monthly. Weekly group flights. Events and fly inns. Private TeamSpeak 3 and community forum for our pilots to communicate. Proudly partnered with SimAddons, FSPilotShop, Aerosoft and FS2Crew giving our pilots % discounts on a wide range of flight simulation products. Last but not least a dedicated and friendly Staff Team that is here to help and support you!

Software used by Canada Air Virtual:
Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X
FSX Steam Edition

Programs used by Canada Air Virtual:
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Flight tracker used by Canada Air Virtual:
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Virtual Airline CEO interview
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Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X
FSX Steam Edition

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Comments to this virtual airline
  • Max-Henrik Krause
    I´ve tried several VA´ but Canada Virtual is the best; Very friendly and helpfull staff & management team; nice talks in Teamspeak and tons´ of routes, planes and challenges to fly. Come on and join us; you won´t regret!!

    2017-11-02 19:38:08

  • Eric Varnell
    Super VA, the staff team was really helpful getting me set up. I would recommend this VA to anyone!

    2017-10-30 04:05:02

  • Pete Desjardins
    I never had an interest in the team speak with other va,s, but with Canada Air I look forward to talk to the staff and other pilots. And our group flights, And the creator and the C.E.O of Canada Air, and other staff will always be there for you and walk you through any issues you might have, Why fly with the "REST", when you can join the "BEST" Pete

    2017-10-24 03:56:07

  • Rob Jack
    Really enjoy being a member of this VA. Very friendly staff that is second to none. Canada Air Virtual is truly a unique VA.

    2017-10-21 21:12:32

  • Pete Desjardins
    I have been with a few Made In Canada Airlines in the past But .... Canada Air is by far the best virtual you can be a member of. Yes .... you are a member .... but treated like family.....the restrictions are few Which makes flying Canada Airway a pleasure, I strongly urge you to join A.S.A.P ..... you don,t want to miss out on the greatest staff and support team There is the virtual world, the only regret that I have is that I never saw this virtual earlier.... Pete

    2017-10-05 02:09:05


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