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Airwego is a UK based Virtual Airline originally formed in 2000. A Virtual Airline is an organization that replicates the operations of a real world airline through the use of Flight Simulation software such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, X Plane or Prepar3D. Airwego's focus is on using Microsoft Flight Simulator. Our schedules see Airwego aircraft fly to destinations in both the UK and Europe from bases at Humberside and Bristol Airports. By some standards we are a small virtual airline in terms of the number of aircraft we operate and the number of destinations we fly to but...we are big in experience terms with a management team with over thirty years of Flight Simulation & Virtual Airline experience! Over this time we have come to appreciate that there are many types of virtual aviator of varying skills levels, time available to dedicate to the hobby and a infinite number of hardware and software combinations. However they all have one thing on common and that is to enjoy the hobby and have fun!.

Software used by Airwego:
Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X
FSX Steam Edition

Programs used by Airwego:
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Flight tracker used by Airwego:
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Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X
FSX Steam Edition

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Comments to this virtual airline
  • Tony Causer
    "Maximum Fun - Minimum Rules". Over 1,000 routes across 5 continents and a diverse fleet both passenger and cargo. Every route comes with flight plans including "plug and play" FMC plans for every freeware and payware aircraft in the fleet!

    2018-05-01 17:40:12

  • Patrick Cole
    Merger 3rd February 2018 Airwego(AWG) & Jersey European(JGA) combine. After many years of independent operation, two of the friendliest online virtual airlines, Airwego and Jersey European are combining membership, routes and resources. With over 60 years of simulator experience in every genre, the administration teams have decided to put it all together to offer members a truly structured and professional platform and to reach out to even more on line pilots. With both airlines offering the easiest registration and simplest flight recording systems while being almost rule free. Nothing will change there after the merger. Airwego will continue under that name as parent company, while JGA will become simply Jersey (JSY). There will be in excess of 1500 flights available to members all supported with flight plans and FMC files, with 300 up to just 2 hours duration if you can’t do a long one and many aircraft to choose from with hubs located in the UK, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain and South America, “Fun & Freedom” is the motto. There are no exams to pass, the only “rule” is fly & file once every 90 days. With extensive online experience with VATSIM & IVAO and over 100 pilots registered, our experienced members are always available and willing to offer help and guidance if you’re a little unsure. Regular flight nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the occasional special event organized to bring the community together and perhaps join other VAs in a fly in. On line, or off line, the schedule programme is vast and very well structured to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a freedom of choice no other VA can, with variety of route and aircraft, passenger or cargo there is something for every pilot no matter what your skill or experience. Visit us and join us on

    2018-02-05 19:49:32

  • Pete Beardsley
    Probably the most relaxed VA on the planet. The emphasis is firmly on flying and having fun with the absolute minimum of rules and red tape, leaving you free to enjoy your flying however you want to, whether that be ultra realistic or completely laid back and casual.

    2018-01-23 21:21:23


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