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Jet2 Virtual is a Virtual Airline for the users of Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX. We provide a realistic environment recreating the operations of our real world counterpart Jet2Virtual was designed to facilitate pilots to experience the corporate environment of commercial business in the airline industry, without the risk of financial loss, but with a great, fun and learning atmosphere. Jet2 Virtual also provides an outlet for those who are interested in aviation but unable to fly themselves due to financial, health or other reasons. We have a growing presence of both IVAO and VATSIM and provide a Teamspeak 3 server for our pilots to offer help and share experiences. At Jet2 Virtual we strive to provide our pilots with an awesome virtual airline experience using the latest technology, educational resources and an experienced management team. Take your career to new heights...........Join Jet2 Virtual!

Software used by Jet2 Virtual:
Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X

Programs used by Jet2 Virtual:
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Flight tracker used by Jet2 Virtual:
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Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X

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